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Grace Place welcomes groups to use its first floor main for all types of meetings and events.  While we do see offering our building, GracePlace, for use by community groups and individuals as part of our ministry, we ask that users of our building make a donation to share the ever-increasing expenses involved in staffing, cleaning, heating, cooling, lighting and performing maintenance on this space.  The main hall is 40’x40′ and can accommodate up to 100 people for a meeting and 80 people for a sit down meal.

Donation Schedule for Meetings & Conferences

  • Not-for-profit, educational, civic, governmental use – main floor or lower level, $400 (1-4 hours), $100/hour for 4+ hours
  • Business, proprietary profit-making use, $500 (1-4 hours), $125/hour for 4+ hours
  • Community and Support Groups (e.g. 12-steps programs, Scouts) $3 per person per event
  • Please also review our deposit and refund policy.
  • [Note:  there is a 10% discount when more than three events (taking place within a calendar year) are scheduled at one time]

If you would like to schedule an event at GracePlace, please submit the form below. Please tell us about your desired room setup, any special needs, etc. in the comments section.

Please note:  Due to other commitments, there is limited availability on Saturdays and no availability on Sundays.  

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